Grow Your Business with our Software Develop Repeat Customers, Nurture Leads & Generate Referrals. It helps you enhance the visibility and robustness of your Business.

What Can Bizopt Do for You?

6 Benefits for Your Business

  • All Inclusive

    Grow into solution for no additional module costs Key modules bundled into a single solution. Includes Accounting & Finance, Human Resource Management, Project Management, Quality Management, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

  • Access Anywhere web & mobile access

    Workspaces are accessible anytime, anywhere – client-server, browser-based (access from home or public PC), tablets, and smartphones – everyone is connected.

  • Out-of-the-box Configurability

    Configuration instead of customization “Out of the box” configurability without the need for costly customization.

  • Automated workflows

    Increased Efficiencies with Automated Workflows Enable seamless reactions to business conditions. No human errors, no delays, and no lost papers.

  • Flexible Purchase Options

    Perpetual, Subscription-based, ELA Subscription – Budget-friendly. Short term cost savings with long-term ERP benefits, low monthly payment with no capital expenses, free upgrades, includes all costs (maintenance, support & unlimited training via Learning Pass).

  • Personalizable Views

    Personalizable Views into the Data that Matters to You 42 out-of-the-box, role-based workspaces provide increased efficiencies for roles ranging from the floor manager to the finance manager.

What is Bizopt:

Bizopt is a one stop solution for Enterprise Application. It is business optimizing software which majorly focus on your revenue leakages, cost reduction and to get effective output .It is PAAS and SAAS based application.

Benefits of Bizopt:

• It is a flexible and customizable product that can make your business to run more effectively. • It helps you to monitor that are happening in your organisation jut by viewing dashboard. • It helps you to run your business in systematic way.

Accounting, Inventory and Beyond

  Bizopt covers all the features you need to run a small or medium business.

Expert Support

Our awesome support team is ready to help you get started on the Bizopt Cloud. Support is also available for local installations.

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Amazing Community

The forum is the hub of activity related to Bizopt. You can ask a question, find developers or hire service providers.

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Developer Friendly

Bizopt is open source and infinitely extensible. Customize it, build upon it, add your own apps built with our Frappé Framework.

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  Login credentials can’t be created by user only administrators have those access rights. In login page we can view three fields 1) Database. 2) Email. 3) Password. By entering your credentials it will redirect to your dashboard.

Bizopt Also Includes

Role Based Access Field Level Customization

Customized Print Email Integration

Report Builder Shared Calendar

Workflow Engine Custom Fields

Exensible Custom Scripts Email Alerts

Finance Analytics Website and Web Forms

Get organized, improve visibility, and grow sales